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Entire corpus - 318 mil. words, or Concordances
A - Fiction - 12 MWords Word search
B - Non-fiction - 2 MWords Word search, reversed
C - scientific and technical publications - 3 MWords Word search, case shown
D - DELO Slovenian Daily 1998-2007 - 213 MWords
G - National Assembly session transcripts 1996-2007 - 42 MWords
P - Delo FT, Jana, Mladina, Monitor, National Geographic, Viva magazines - 44 MWords
S - Republic of Slovenia Legislation - 2 Mwords

Examples:se je zdelo- all occurrences of the phrase "se je zdelo".
 svetlob*- words beginning with "svetlob".
 življenjsk* radost*- word expressions, connected to joy of life
Word search:verjetno- words containing the string "verjetno".
 wo=besed*- all the words beginning with "besed".
 wo=*etnik- all the words ending with "etnik".
 fr>125000- words with frequency over 125000
 lg=5 and wo:skl - words 5 letters long which contain "skl"
 "and"- words containing "and".
 a and e and o and i and u- words which contain all the vowels
 lg>30 and not wo:.- words longer than 30 letters, no URLs


Parts A and B of this page have been posted on May 2, 2000, C on April 11, 2003, D on August 16, 2000, G on September 23, 2004, and P on April 11, 2003. Date of last change of this page: August 26, 2012.

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