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Corpus Laboratory

Word lemmas, part of speech tags and frequencies
in The Collected Works of Ciril Kosmač

Examples:telj- words, containing the string telj.
 fr>999- words with cumulative frequency at least 1000.
 le=miza- lemma miza.
 po=A* and le=b*- lemmas of adverbs, beginning on b-.
 le=*nik- lemmas, ending on -nik.
 le=m???en- lemmas on m-, 6 letters long, ending on -en.

General form of the search expression:
operand   logical operator   operand   logical operator ..., where the operators are
           and, may also be used as the & symbol and
           or, a comma for short.
To change the order of operators (and has a priority over or) parentheses may also be used.

Operand structure:   field label   relational operator   value.

Relational operators:
           :  contains,
           !: does not contain,
           =  equals,
           != is not equal to,
           <  less than,
           >  more than,
           %< field length shorter than,
           %= field length equal to,
           %> field length greater than.

All the records in the data base contain the following three data fields:
           le  lemma (basic wordform)
           fr  frefrequency (total number of occurences for a given lemma)
           po  POS tags of the lemma (with frequencies)

Search expression may be up to 74 characters long and the number of hits shown is limited to 150.

POS tags in texts have been checked by Aleksandra Bizjak and Lučka Uršič. Page posted by P.J. 22 September 2008; date of last change: 14 October 2008.