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First seminar in Tihany, September 1995

The pictures on this page have the size of 128 times 192 pixels. A click on the picture or its name will enlarge it to 512 times 768. All 16 pictures taken by and copyright (c) P. Jakopin 1995.

Landscape near southern tip of Balaton at sunset
Feng Zhiwei Nancy Ide Oleg Kapanadze
The Castle-hotel in Tihany Balaton through the door ...
Katerina Piro Judit Pais Zsuzsa Bojta
Joyce Thompson Janusz S. Bien
Hungarian family vacationing in Tihany
Michal Jankowski Nikola Pavesic
Participants of the TELRI Tihany seminar ... full size - 2048 x 3072 pixels
Pumpkin on the "losz" earth on the road Nagykanizsa-Balaton

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