TELRI picture gallery - Dubrovnik 2002

TELRI Photo gallery
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Seventh European Seminar in Dubrovnik, September 2002

The 20 pictures on this page typically have the size of 300 times 400 pixels. A click on the picture will enlarge it to 600 times 800. The numbers in front of comments correspond to serial numbers of the original shots. Pictures authored by and copyright (c) P. Jakopin 2002.

Picture 5765
5765. An afternoon view to the southwest, to the islands, from the road Slano-Ston

Picture 5767
5767. TELRI Association meeting - members of the board

Picture 5768
5768. ... and the audience

Picture 5769
5769. Vlado Benko explaining, Tomaž Erjavec

Picture 5770
5770. The lecture hall with participants of the seminar

Picture 5771
5771. Seminarists at the staircase of the venue building (larger picture, 960 x 1280)

Picture 5766
5766. A noon view to the west, to the open sea from the bay below the Fortress

Picture 5772
5772. The Golden team - Veronika Řezníčková, Vlado Benko, Karel Pala, Mária Šimková, František Čermák, Marek Veber, Aleš Klégr and Petra Tichá

Picture 5776
5776. Aleš Klégr

Picture 5777
5777. Veronika Řezníčková

Picture 5778
5778. Marek Veber

Picture 5785
5785. Mária Šimková

Picture 5773
5773. The Barcelona team - Montserrat Arévalo and Montserrat Civit

Picture 5774
5774. Montserrat Civit

Picture 5775
5775. Montserrat Arévalo

Picture 5779
5779. Krešimir Šojat

Picture 5780
5780. Jörg Tiedemann

Picture 5782
5782. Prof. John Sinclair delivering the closing lecture on Essence of Meaning, Prof. Čermák

Picture 5783
5783. The home team from Zagreb in the evergreen foliage of the garden: Ivana Simeon, Krešimir Šojat, Ružica Sirovica, Sandra Celizić, Marko Tadić, Boško Bekavac

Picture 5784
5784. Home team at the staircase, the invincibles

Picture 5748
5748. A late afternoon view to the west from the road to Makarska, above Brela

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