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hw=jezik- headword jezik
književni- headword or description contain the string književni
hw=rastlin*- headwords on rastlin-
hw=*injski- headwords, ending with -injski
<15>zool.<16>- entries which contain the qualifier zool.
hw=f* and de%>499 and de%<701- headwords on f- with descriptions from 500 to 700 bytes long
If the letters č, š or ž are not present   on the keyboard, Copy and Paste them from this line

General form of the search description:
operand   logical operator   operand   logical operator ..., where the operators are
           and, may also be used as the & symbol, and
           or - a comma for short.
Top priority operator is and, followed by or. To change the order of operators use parentheses.

Operand structure:   field label   relational operator   value.

Relational operators:
           :  contains, !: does not contain, =  equals, != is not equal to, <  less than, >  more than, %< field length shorter than, %= field length equal to, %> field length greater than.

Entries in the data base contain the following data fields:
hw  headword     de  description
Search expression can have up to 74 characters and the number of hits displayed is limited to 25.

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