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Examples: jezik- abbreviations that contain, usually in the description, the string "jezik"
ab=abc- abbreviation abc
ab:zv- abbreviations that contain the string zv
ab=eu*- abbreviations, beginning with eu
de%>200- abbreviations, where the description is longer than 200 characters
ab=m?n- abbreviations on m-, 3 letters long and ending on -n.

Entries in the data base contain the following data fields:
           ab  abbreviation
           de  description

General form of the search description:
operand   logical operator   operand   logical operator ..., where the operators are
           and, may also be used as the & symbol, and
           or - a comma for short.
Top priority operator is and, followed by or. To change the order of operators use parentheses.

Operand structure:   field label   relational operator   value.

Relational operators:
           :  contains, !: does not contain, =  equals, != is not equal to, <  less than, >  more than, %< field length shorter than, %= field length equal to, %> field length greater than.

Search expression can have up to 74 characters and the number of hits displayed is limited to 250.

The dictionary is prepared and updated by Mojca Kompara. It has been revised by Mija Michelizza.
There are 4.703 abbreviations, Slovenian and foreign, with Slovenian translation.

The dictionary has been opened for web search on May 22, 2006. Date of last change: July 17. This page has been posted on July 20; last update: July 25.        Visits    

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