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The three - 2,6 mil. words, or Concordances
Walter Scott - 1,1 MWords Word search
Oscar Wilde - 0,5 MWords Word search, reversed
Mark Twain - 1,0 MWords Word search, case shown

Examples:it seems that- all occurrences of the phrase "it seems that".
 lighten*- words beginning with "lighten".
 deep* thought*- word expressions, connected to deep thinking
Word search:possib- words containing the string "possib".
 wo=word*- all the words beginning with "word".
 wo=*eller- all the words ending with "eller".
 fr>10000- words with frequency over 10000
 lg=5 and wo:thr - words 5 letters long which contain "thr"
 "and"- words containing "and".
 a and e and o and i and u- words which contain all the vowels
 lg>20 and not wo:p- words longer than 30 letters, without p


The English part of the corpus built in May, 2000. Reposted as independent corpus in June, 2007. Date of last change: March 10, 2008.

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