Fran Ramovš Institute of Slovenian Language, ZRC SAZU

Dictionary of Lesser Used Slovenian Words

Examples: paleo- headwords containing the string "paleo".
hw=lažiprostovoljec- headword lážiprostovóljec.
po:"prisl." and hw=br*- adverbs starting with br-.
hw=*ivizem- headwords ending with -ivizem.
hw=m???en- 6 letters long headwords on m-, that have an -en ending.
hw:čev<160>n- headwords that contain the string "čeván".

The current version of the dictionary conforms to the ISO-8859-2 standard; the letters which are not included in ISO-8859-2 (i.e. all the vowels with acute accents) are displayed without diacritics. If found in the position of an accent, they are underlined.

General form of the search expression:
operand   logical operator   operand   logical operator ..., where the operators are
           and, may also be used as the & symbol, and
           or - a comma for short.
Top priority operator is and, followed by or. To change the order of operators use parentheses.

Operand structure:   field label   relational operator   value.

Relational operators:
           :  contains, !: does not contain, =  equals, != is not equal to, <  less than, >  more than, %< field length shorter than, %= field length equal to, %> field length greater than.

Entries in the data base contain the following data fields:
hw  headword     if  inflection
po  part-of-speech     sr  source
Search expression can have up to 74 characters and the number of hits displayed is limited to 1000.

The Dictionary of Lesser Used Slovenian Words with Morphological Data (words from the fund, collected during the preparation of the Dictionary of Standard Slovenian, but not included in the latter dictionary) has been edited by Ivanka Šircelj-Žnidaršič. Morphological evaluation: Ivanka Šircelj-Žnidaršič, Milena Hajnšek-Holz, Polona Kostanjevec, Andreja Žele, Marjeta Humar with collaboration of Vladimir Nartnik, Janez Keber and Milena Košmrlj-Levačič. Web version and maintenance P.J. - 14 April 2001, last update 16 May 2005 (Slovenian) and 2 August 2006 (English).

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